OSG’s AE-VMS series is suitable for milling operations including slotting, side milling, helical milling, contour milling and ramping in stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and hardened steel (up to 40 HRC).

Cutting aluminium requires a range of machinery depending on the end-use application that vary from aircraft to window blinds with techniques that rely on higher speeds and lower cutting forces compared to metals like steel to ensure optimum cutting geometry. By Stephanie Riegel-Stolzer, member of the Kasto management board.

Kasto’s new fully automatic band saw, the Kastowin pro AC 5.6, is optimised for bimetallic and carbide blades and can be applied in areas such as the steel trade, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing and the automotive industry.

In today’s ever evolving industrial needs, the evolution of the carbide insert determines the cutting edge advantage. Contributed by Andrei Petrilin, technical manager of indexable milling, and Marcel Elkouby, material science engineer manager, material & coating development, Iscar.




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