A higher level of technology allows radius grinding machines to have more powerful software, grinding of larger workpieces, while having easier maintenance. By Studer

Both CVD and PVD coatings for metal cutting inserts are seeing continuous improvements for adhesion, toughness and wear properties. By Jonathan Chou

Technology that enhances device performance is sweeping the world from smartphones to scanners used in major logistics work. By Jayajyoti Sengupta, APAC head, Cognizant.

We have come a long way since the introduction of software applications which can reap healthy rewards in machining, metrology and manufacturing.  Syed Shah takes you back on a spin down memory lane.

The sophistication of multitasking machining systems has made it expensive and the selection of a system for the right application an important decision becomes all the more complex.

With many shop-floor measurement options available in today’s marketplace, understanding the technology differences and the impact they have on performance before selecting a system. Sea Chiahui, regional product manager - stationary at Hexagon Manufacturing Asia Pacific gives an insight into the operating principles behind its 4.5.4 SF and 7.10.7 SF coordinate measuring machines.

Where additive manufacturing is concerned the integral combination of building up material with the aid of a laser and machining is essential. DMG Mori has promised what they coin as “unlimited degrees of freedom” in construction and at the same time precision and surface qualities from this combination.

Closely monitoring all tools used in the manufacturing process; checking tool life and carrying out tool changes at just the right time with the touch of a button.  Gan Shu Lim, marketing manager Southeast Asia, Walter shows us how.

Syed Shah caught up with Scott Summerville, President, Microscan, on machine vision and the implication of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for his company and the manufacturing.

The evolution of technology pushes all those involved in the warehousing industry to start considering new means & ways not only for the today’s, but most importantly, for the tomorrow’s warehouse operation and its environment. By Petros N. Zenieris, The Business Criterion.




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