In applications where excessive vibrations cause undesirable chatter, introducing vibration dampening tools can improve machining results. By Jonathan Chou

Using a new forming tap, a manufacturer was able to avoid tap breakage due to the formation of bird nesting, in which cut chips ejected during operation would wrap around the workpiece, disrupting the tool path. By Valdir Lima, OSG Sulamericana

More complex external shapes and internal cooling channels can be generated for cutting tools with additive manufacturing. By Wolfgang Klingauf

Development in anti-vibration tools is able to reduce or even eliminate problematic vibrations. By Rafi Ravoach, Iscar ISO turn product manager

Chesterfield, UK: Stefan Steenstrup has been appointed the new president of global cutting tool manufacturer Dormer Pramet.

Cutting aluminium requires a range of machinery depending on the end-use application that vary from aircraft to window blinds with techniques that rely on higher speeds and lower cutting forces compared to metals like steel to ensure optimum cutting geometry. By Stephanie Riegel-Stolzer, member of the Kasto management board.

Sandviken, Sweden: Cutting tool provider Sandvik Coromant has entered an agreement to become a premium partner of machine tool manufacturer DMG Mori.

Ohio, USA: 5ME acquired 51 patents in four patent families from Creare, an innovator in cryogenic systems and fluid dynamics. The acquisition gives 5ME control of the intellectual property related to cryogenic machining – specifically, the process of transmitting liquid nitrogen at -197 deg C through the spindle/turret and tool body, directly to a cutting tool’s edge.

The Hypermill Maxx Machining performance package by Open Mind, developers of CAM solutions for machine and controller-independent programming, offers strategies for roughing, finishing and drilling.

Mr Reinhard Banasch, the global CEO of the Hoffmann Group shares his thoughts with Syed Shah on the developments and milestones since his appointment to the role in 2014.




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