The Right Coolant Becomes A Liquid Tool

If you want to be successful as a contract manufacturer and as a supplier to businesses, working on reliability, flexibility and precision count most. By Blaser

Otto Ackermann AG from Lachen specialises in machining manufacturing of ultraprecise parts. As an important partner of renowned industrial companies, the Swiss company has in the past 48 years made its name in the field of CNC machining of aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastic, and this name stands for the highest quality and precision. “However, we primarily specialise in aluminium machining”, says Otto Ackermann, chairman of the board and founder of Otto Ackermann AG.

Tool Life Twice As Long

The heads of production at Otto Ackermann realised there were quality fluctuations in the coolant used up to that time, which led to problems — especially in the case of thread cutting. In order to improve the quality of the manufactured precision parts, the safety and the stability, attempts were made to find a perfectly suitable coolant for the needs of Otto Ackermann.

“In the case of aluminium processing, it is also important to make sure that the workpiece does not become wet, as it has to remain clean and stainless for further processing. We were only able to achieve all of this by using Blaser Swisslube’s coolant solution,” says Otto Ackermann.

Simplified Monitoring And Performance

The installation of a 17 cubic metre central system simplifies coolant monitoring and maintenance. “Our production is spread over several buildings and various levels. By means of the central system, we can achieve the same temperature on all machines, which also helps to strongly improve the precision of the parts. Furthermore, this significantly simplifies the maintenance, as everything can be found in the same place,” Otto Ackermann adds.

The result of the coolant changeover is rather impressive: Blasocut 2000 Universal, the coolant recommended and used by the Blaser specialists, was able to double the tool life. Apart from that, employees rarely had to cease their work due to allergic skin reactions.

“I care very much about the health of my staff. This is why it was so important to me to find not only the best coolant for the machines, but also a skin-friendly solution for our employees, because let’s be honest - the greatest potential of any company are the people working there, and you have to take care of them,” Ackermann says.

Customised Maintenance, Servicing Concept

Furthermore, in cooperation with Blaser, a simple maintenance and servicing concept for the production facility was developed and implemented, and systematic and regular monitoring of the coolant was introduced.

“An employee checks the concentration of the emulsion on a weekly basis using a refractometer measures the pH-value and checks the entire central system. Once a month we send a sample of the coolant to Blaser Swisslube’s customer service laboratory, after which we receive an e-mail containing an evaluation of the laboratory examinations. This is an important point for us, as in this way we are always on the safe side and - if necessary - receive recommendations from specialists”, Otto Ackermann explains.

“A coolant which is ideally suitable for the customer’s requirements must be regularly monitored and maintained, as this is the only way it can become a Liquid Tool and can let machines and tools develop their full potential,” says Blaser Swisslube’s application engineer in charge.

Continuing Optimisation Together

Cubic milling part

“Thanks to our company-owned technology centre, we have the ideal prerequisites for simulating and testing the most diverse machining operations of our customers. After we achieved very good results in aluminium processing using our B-Cool 755 coolant, I recommended this product to Otto Ackermann last year.

I was certain that we would achieve even better results using B-Cool 755,” Blaser’s application engineer explains.

Otto Ackermann adds: “We changed over to B-Cool 755, and the results were convincing. The consumption was reduced yet again thanks to the lower top-up rate, the machines have become even cleaner, and the tool life has increased, too. Ultimately, I can only say that the cooperation with Blaser is going brilliantly. We have never regretted this step. It was a close cooperation from the very beginning, and Blaser constantly supports us, so that in the future we can be even more productive and economical.”

The Liquid Tool

Blaser Swisslube’s goal is to optimise its customers’ manufacturing processes with the Liquid Tool and to improve their economic efficiency, productivity as well as the machining quality. In close cooperation with the customers and based on a holistic view of the manufacturing process, Blaser Swisslube presents the possibilities to fully exploit the potential of machines and tools by using the right metalworking fluid which becomes a Liquid Tool.

This promise is backed by excellent products, customised services, competent experts and its long experience in the metalworking industry.

APMEN Machine Tools, Dec 2016

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