13 July 2016

APMEN and IAA were granted the opportunity to interview Dr Thomas Liew, executive director, National Metrology Centre; Lee Shih Mean, senior metrologist, National Metrology Centre; Sim Sem Peng, chairman, Malayan Daching; and Elton Tong, service manager, Malayan Daching, on the relationship between Malayan Daching and A*STAR in setting up Singapore’s first 20 MN force measurement facility. By Mark Johnston.

05 March 2016

Within the next decade or so, the machine floor will see connectivity reach new heights with immense amounts of data being driven through networks and on demand – at the touch of a finger. Article contributed by Schaeffler Technologies AG.

04 February 2016

Industry 4.0 is becoming the talk of the industry, but with all the big terms that it has spawned, manufacturers might be intimidated by this seemingly disruptive revolution, especially when it comes to data. In a nutshell, what is the Industry 4.0, and how can one manage data smartly? By Michelle Cheong

11 December 2015

Pat Mccluskey, co-founder of ANCA shares the advances in linear motor technology and how they will improve the tool grinding process.

20 November 2015

For over two decades industrial vending machines have provided a viable means of storing tools around the world. Raoul Rapke, Director CTMS Division, IMC Group, shares its benefits with APMEN.

05 October 2015

The hype of the manufacturing world in recent years is centred on sustainability—of practices, of technology or of waste disposal—for a better future. But what exactly does ‘sustainable manufacturing’ mean, and how can a manufacturer achieve or engage in it? By Michelle Cheong

23 July 2015

Machine builders are starting to face limitations with the traditional CNC control, opening the door for platform based approach to CNC as they allow higher performance, flexibility and cost management. By David Chia, MD of Beckhoff Automation

25 May 2015

Most leading companies utilising CNC machinery, regardless of the industry, already use digital manufacturing technology to improve their NC machining processes.

06 March 2015

One research has shown that cellular machining utilising general-purpose CNC machine tools offers advantages over high-end, special purpose machines, with no apparent loss of part accuracy or quality.

20 October 2014

Process integration presents a number of benefits for gear manufacturing but it does not mean all should jump right into it. By Uli Kaiser, business development manager (Southeast Asia), the Emag Group

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