The 5 M’s of Nesting For A Bigger ROI

  • Monday, 22 May 2017 00:00

Nesting software can provide added productivity and competitive advantages. By Ben TerreBlanche, president and chief executive officer, Sigmatek Systems

Time is money. The efficiency of a fabricator’s business is not defined by the multi-million dollar machines on the floor. Instead, the success and overall return on investment is directly linked to the processes through which those machines are operated.

Manufacturers need an advanced CAD/CAM nesting solution to keep a balance of material utilisation, motion optimisation, manpower efficiency, management of data, and manufacturing automation, otherwise called the “5 M’s”.

These 5 M’s can impact the productivity and competitive advantage that metal fabricators seek to have in the industry.

Material Utilisation

More material yield is one of the best ways to maximise your return on investment. In order to do that, you need nesting software that will nest more parts per sheet. Not only is it important to use as much material as possible per nesting job, but keeping track of remnants is essential to avoid waste.

You can take advantage of the ability to maintain material stock and remnants for inventory control and re-using. Using nesting software gives you the ability to leverage carefully calculated algorithms to deliver the best nests with the human ability to manually improve nests.

Motion Optimisation

Nesting parts with intricate details that need special cutting paths? You cannot afford to output parts slowly for accuracy’s sake. Neither should you sacrifice quality for time. Maintaining a balance between production time and part quality is key.

Nesting software helps you avoid large chunks of time being spent manually nesting special parts and gets your jobs moving faster to keep up. With such software, you are able to nest highly detailed part paths and stay on schedule. Dimensionally accurate parts can be produced through managing common-line cutting and constant velocity cutting.

Manpower Efficiency

Staying up to date on your manufacturing software will make the difference in your manpower efficiency. However, it is important for the workers on the floor to be trained and aware of the fabrication process from beginning to end, there are improvements you can make through your nesting software to take your manpower efficiency to the next level.

Work orders and inventory can be automatically tracked to keep personnel on task and ready for the next job with software add-ons such as Sigmanest’s SigmaMRP. Using these project management functions within the software, you can eliminate the need for extra coordinating manpower to complete jobs.

In addition, the continuously advancing algorithms will auto nest better and faster than human capability, saving more time.

Management Of Data

When investing in nesting software, it is more than just about nesting parts. Pick nesting software that delivers more benefits to your business processes than just on the shop floor. Some enable more advanced functionality with programming interfaces that allow one person to do work previously handled by multiple personnel at once.

Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing parts by hand tends to be trivial, time consuming, and often results in imperfect quality. Nesting software is the first and biggest step in automating your manufacturing processes. You do not have time for manual nesting and neither does your budget. With nesting software, you can nest more parts faster than you could have ever done manually.

Nesting software is a one-way ticket to a higher return on investment and it is easy to see why. It makes your operations run faster, smoother, and more effectively, which helps you to take on more jobs. If you are looking to be competitive in the metal fabrication industry, there is no other way than investing in quality nesting software.

APMEN Metrology & Design, May/June 2017

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