The ToolCell 220/40 Plus is an automated tool changing press brake from LVD that can handle bend lengths of four metres with 240 tons of bending force.

Complex components can be analysed in a fully function-orientated manner with a combination of gear and 3D coordinate metrology. By Heinrich Brüderle, sales manager Europe and America, Wenzel

Accuracy in the manufacturing of components in the steering wheel system is essential in enabling optimal steering performance. Therefore, it is important to select a measuring instrument capable of accuracy on the nanometre scale. Contributed by Carl Zeiss

The Leica T-Probe from Hexagon is a measurement tool that is accurate to +/-35 µm and has a point rate output of 1,000 points per second and a tracking speed of >1 m/s.

A rapidly changing technological landscape necessitates a leap in the quality of the current crop of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) both in accuracy and the level of automation. Contributed by Nikon.

As time goes on, the advances of water jetting continues to happen especially in the case of accuracy and more industries are seeing its viability in the market for faster, more accurate cuts. Syed Shah explains.

Are you still using pen and paper to collect data from the shop floor? Your utilisation rate may be suffering. By Ed Potoczak, director of industry relations, IQMS

The rise of scanning technology is changing the landscape of quality assurance in the metalworking industry. Just what is it that makes scanning such a revolutionary measurement technology? By Mark D’Urso, product manager, marketing, Hexagon

Manufacturing companies must operate as lean as possible to maintain profitability and a healthy bottom line. By Adam Grabowski, director of marketing, Global Shop Solutions

Tool setters can lower human error, which is often a major source of delay on the shop floor. By Fredrick Wong, MTP product manager, Far East Renishaw




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