Accuracy in the manufacturing of components in the steering wheel system is essential in enabling optimal steering performance. Therefore, it is important to select a measuring instrument capable of accuracy on the nanometre scale. Contributed by Carl Zeiss

The In-Sight Laser Profiler by Cognex is a measurement system that verifies part dimensions. Applications include the automotive and electronics industry.

Variations in lighting conditions and ongoing post-deployment support are just some factors to consider before buying a vision system. By Didier Lacroix, senior vice president, international sales and services, Cognex

The rise of scanning technology is changing the landscape of quality assurance in the metalworking industry. Just what is it that makes scanning such a revolutionary measurement technology? By Mark D’Urso, product manager, marketing, Hexagon

Developments in multisensor 3D metrology systems promise much for businesses who are looking to maximise the potential of their equipment. By Khoo Chin Hock, product line manager at Hexagon Metrology Asia Pacific




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