Nesting software can provide added productivity and competitive advantages. By Ben TerreBlanche, president and chief executive officer, Sigmatek Systems

Digitalisation of tool selection and assembly creation can increase machining efficiency. By Sandvik Coromant

The Radan 2017’s automatic order style editor now shows graphically what the program is going to do, enabling users to home in on a particular operation to make changes. The program was previously a text-based system.

The Nastran 2017 has various new features. The embedded fatigue tool helps assess the expected life of their designs without exporting simulation data into other post-processing software.

Concept Laser’s CL WRX Parameter software enables all parameter characteristics to be viewed and modified as absolute values for their Laser Cusing machines.

England: The recently announced 2017 edition of Renishaw’s QantAM software brings improvements to the slicing, support, and simulation of models for 3D printing.

PointSense 17.5 for AutoCAD provides more tools for the extraction of building components, such as walls, windows and doors. After extracting the building components, new alignment tools speed up the process of delivering 2D plans from 3D point clouds.

Machine design, tooling and programming software combine to make today’s punch press capable of complex forms. By Dan Caprio, punching product sales manager at LVD Strippit

It’s not about playing with the cost, but budgeting well in order to manufacture efficiently and maximise the margins. By Asier Ortiz, CTO of Lantek.

Today, intelligent software solutions form the basis of the digital transformation of manufacturing process chains like DMG Mori’s Celos system.




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