Faster cutting with good cut quality is just one of the benefits when using nesting software. Amey Save, product application engineer, Hypertherm Asia-Pacific, tells us more.

Nesting software can provide added productivity and competitive advantages. By Ben TerreBlanche, president and chief executive officer, Sigmatek Systems

Over the years, manufacturing processes have progressed steadily with the advent of technology. From an initial reliance on physical labour, manufacturers today are increasingly turning to more sophisticated means in their pursuit for efficiency and better results. Tom Stillwell, Senior Marketing Specialist, Hypertherm CAM Software Team explains

The Alphacam 2014 R2 update includes several new and enhanced features. The software program now has the ability to optimise five-axis toolpaths to a specific machine configuration, and Part Modeler has been enhanced to convert DXF and DWG 2D drawings into 3D models.




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