With its durability and vibration dampening properties, granite is the ideal material for all components of industrial metrology. By CP Chuah, general manager, commercial operations Asia Pacific, Wenzel Asia

The Shapetracer 2 is a 3D line scanner for capturing and processing of point clouds in a multisensory CMM.

Wiesthal, Germany: CMM manufacturer Wenzel Group has launched Wenzel Software Solutions GmbH. The new company will coordinate all of Wenzel Group’s software activities.

Wenzel’s Metrosoft Quartis and 3D mouse measuring machine software from 3Dconnexion comes in combination with a traditional mouse to allow a two-handed and simultaneous operation.

The Wenzel Shapetracer II, presented for the first time at the Control trade fair in Stuttgart in April, was designed for the capturing and processing of point clouds on a multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine.

The measurement service provider Lometec upgraded the measuring software for its tactile Wenzel coordinate measuring machines from Metrosoft CM to Metrosoft Quartis. Lomotech’s Chief Executive Officer Jörg Werkmeister and Technical Director Marc Lange talk about their practical experience using the example of a dimensional inspection of a turbine blade testing device. 

What happens when you are presented with the prospect of measuring free-form surfaces without optical measuring options? Contributed by CP Chuah, GM, commercial operations Asia Pacific, Wenzel Asia.




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