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Kennametal: KM4X63 Tool System

  • Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:00

Kennametal’s new KM4X63 range has a 100 mm spindle connection with four ball tracks instead of two and up to 40 percent greater clamping force than comparably-sized tooling.

It also has a maximum bending moment of 2,100 Nm and, depending on the machine, clamping force of 36 to 58 kN. The spindle connection can reach spindle speeds of 38,000 rpm due to its inherently balanced design, nearly twice that of similar tool holders.

30 new line items, most of which will be extensions in the 80 to 200 mm range, and centreline turning tools to support mill-turn applications, will be added by end of 2016.

APMEN Products, Dec 2016

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