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Kennametal: Mill

  • Wednesday, 05 April 2017 00:00

The Mill 16 has a fine-pitch and medium pitch cutter body equipped with a single-screw, wedge-style clamping system. Each pocket on the cutter body is numbered, as are each of the insert’s cutting edges.

The face mill uses an octagonal, double-sided insert with 16 cutting edges, each with a chip-breaker for increased chip flow. The wedge clamp on either side of the insert’s top face is likewise chamfered to improve chip evacuation. The face mill is available in cutter diameters ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm.

The maximum axial depth of cut (Ap1) is 5.5 mm, although depths to 9 mm or greater are achievable. The inserts use a new grade KCK20, a PVD AlTiN / AlTiCrN multilayer coating bonded to a wear resistant substrate. All cutters have internal coolant supply capability.

APMEN Products, Apr 2017

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