OGP: SmartScope Zip Advance 250

  • Wednesday, 07 June 2017 00:00

The SmartScope Zip Advance 250 is has a 1.0 x adapter tube and a 2.0 x replacement lens combination which yields a 38 mm working distance.

The system uses the Vu-Light LED illuminator to provide optimal lighting conditions and also through-the-lens laser support. Its field-of-view size, when measured diagonally, is 5.4 mm (low magnification) to 0.95 mm (high magnification).

The system has a travel range of 300, 150 and 200 mm in the X, Y and Z axis respectively. It has an area accuracy of (1.0 + 6L/1,000) µm, and z accuracy of up to (1.4 + 5L/1,000) µm.

APMEN Products, May/June 2017

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