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Wenzel: Shapetracer II Optical 3D Line Scanner

  • Friday, 13 May 2016 07:40

The Wenzel Shapetracer II, presented for the first time at the Control trade fair in Stuttgart in April, was designed for the capturing and processing of point clouds on a multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine.


The optical sensor is integrated into the Point Master software package, providing accurate and repeatable results. It features a stripe length of up to 120 mm, allowing it to capture more data in a shorter time as compared to the previous model.

It offers a short stand-off distance of 90 mm and a working range of 120 mm. Because the sensor scans very close to the workpiece, the measurement range is used optimally making it ideal not only for testing small parts but also measuring large-volume components.

By using a blue laser line and quality resolution, the device carries a high tolerance against critical surface structures. It works independently from external light and is able to scan different workpiece colours, thanks to its lens and ambient light filter.

It is adapted to the PH10 motorised indexing head from Renishaw, allowing the sensor to carry a range of probes and extensions and be oriented in 720 repeatable positions to give access even to the most difficult to reach workpiece features.

The calibration data of the 3D line scanner is stored on a smart camera system, making installation very easy. The connection to the coordinate measuring machine is done through a fully integrated multi-sensor interface.

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