As time goes on, the advances of water jetting continues to happen especially in the case of accuracy and more industries are seeing its viability in the market for faster, more accurate cuts. Syed Shah explains.

The Comet L3D 2 by Zeiss uses fringe projection with multiple lasers to measure 3D data. It automatically recognises changes in vibration and exposure, and its light yield and high measuring speed help to capture data on different object surfaces.

The SmartScope Zip Advance 250 is has a 1.0 x adapter tube and a 2.0 x replacement lens combination which yields a 38 mm working distance.

The Contour GT-X by Bruker has a self-calibrating, metrology optimising laser reference, automated measurement capabilities (focus, intensity, tip/tilt head, staging, FOV) and nanometer-scale resolution on high-contour surfaces.




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