Innovative, advanced processes for deburring, surface finishing and shaping are making it possible to improve quality and productivity, as well as economic efficiency. By Doris Schulz

Takumi’s H10 double-column machining centre’s rigidity and thermal stability makes it suitable for parts that require fast processing, high precision and quality surface finish, such as die and mould, aerospace and other high-speed applications.

Revenues from titanium-based additive manufacturing are expected to grow to over US$1 billion by 2026. Important world trends are playing a part in reassessing the market opportunities for the material. By SmarTech Publishing

Manufacturing in the United States (US) would be the ninth-largest economy in the world, when taken alone. The manufacturing industry was valued at US$2.1 trillion in 2014, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, International Monetary Fund. By Jonathan Chou

Okuma’s MA-12500HW horizontal machining is suitable for large-part aerospace machining. The machine’s maximum load capacity is 5,000 kg. The W axis has a maximum tool length of 1,100 mm. Both the standard 50-taper, 6,000-rpm, 60/50-hp spindle; a 12,000-rpm wide-range spindle or a 4,500-rpm heavy-duty spindle are available.

As Taiwan’s machine tool industry matures, it aims to make its mark on the trends that are shaping the global market.

What does the future hold for augmented reality and other forms of human data interaction in manufacturing? By Jonathan Chou

New Jersey, USA: Japan's Mitsui Seiki said the Blue Arc machining process has set a new standard in speed and the ability to cut tough alloys such as titanium and that its partner in developing the product, General Electric (GE), has a prototype ready and waiting for prospective customers to test.

Handling responsibility for quality control means closing the loop on coordinate measuring machine operations. By Daniel Brown, B Eng, senior product manager at Creaform.

Lichtenfels, Germany: The additive manufacturing provider Concept Laser attributed the aerospace and medical industry, as well as other sectors with an 88 percent increase in sales for the first half of 2016.




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