Utilising the “flying cut” is especially useful to help with jobs that involve many interior holes. By Asier Ortiz, chief technical officer, Lantek

Miñano, Spain: Lantek’s strong growth will be apparent in Europe and US, as result of its increased turnover in the digital solutions area.

When made possible by automation and digital connectivity, everything flows automatically.

Worldwide: The software solutions provider has developed new functionality integrating online shopping for sheet metal parts.

At EuroBLECH 2016, Lantek, the software experts, presented its Lantek Factory concept for Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing.

It’s not about playing with the cost, but budgeting well in order to manufacture efficiently and maximise the margins. By Asier Ortiz, CTO of Lantek.

Ohio, US: Lantek has reached an agreement with Polish company Promotech to supply its sheet metal software for the latter’s pipe profile cutting machines, which can cut pipes up to a diameter of 1,500 mm and a length of 12 m with oxy-fuel or plasma.

Lantek has improved its software this year. New features allow more accurate calculations of time and increased productivity for the metal industry.

Like sheet metal products, sheet metal advancements come in many shapes and forms. We take a look at how specialised ERP and CAD/CAM solutions for sheet metal applications can help the businesses of contract manufacturers. By Michael E Neumann




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