Stockholm, Sweden: Sandvik Materials Technology has announced its intention to sell its welding and stainless wire operations to further consolidate its product portfolio and improve its long term performance.

Metromec Quartis R15 released by Wenzel Metromec has numerous added features. Additional functions in the work window "Feature data" display results directly, before the report is created at the end of the measurement program.

Commonly used in passenger cars, research is being carried out to make the laser processing of ultra-high strength steel sheets more economical. By Dr Andreas Weisheit and Dr Dirk Petring, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology

Apart from their well-known uses of marking, cutting and even micromachining, nanosecond fibre lasers can also be used for welding and joining. By Jack Gabzdyl, vice president of the Pulsed Laser, and Daniel Capostagno, applications manager, SPI Lasers

Seoul, Korea: Samsung Electronics wrapped up its months-long probe with the conclusion that faulty batteries from two different suppliers were the cause for the recall and discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, which wiped off US$5.3 million in the company’s operating profits.

Mobile phone manufacturers are grappling with the need to track smaller, and better, components, presenting challenges and opportunities for designs. By Panasonic.

Esab’s latest welding system, the Rebel EMP 215ic features multi-process arc performance, location flexibility, portability and an easy to use operator interface.

Performance Unlimited offers a high degree of flexibility in parts handling and a closed, laser-safe working chamber.

General Motors (GM) plans to launch a new manufacturing technique that the automaker had spent some two years developing. The new process, scheduled to take place within a few months and was developed in-house, will involve joining aluminium and steel parts and is intended to cut vehicle weight while lowering and simplifying production costs.

Lincoln Electric has developed a welding fixture designed for use on robotic welding education training systems to enhance robotic programming and welding lessons.




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